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Paranormal Pastime Investigations consists of a husband and wife team that decided to couple their love of history with their desire to reach out to the unknown. They call upon family and close friends who share in their love of the paranormal to help with their investigations. They are seeking answers. Answers to questions such as what happens when you die? Are entities allowed to freely interact with us? How are these energies able to contact us? Their goal is to capture evidence to support the idea that ghosts are in fact real. The team is also hoping to reach out to clients living with the paranormal and to help give them the answers they have been looking for. This is their passion and this is why their favorite pastime is the paranormal.

The couple has investigated numerous loactions across multiple states. They have isolated a large number of EVPs and captured other unexplainable data. The team hopes to continue to investigate new intriguing locations to increase their personal experiences, their evidence, and to help clients living with the paranormal. If you are interested in having them investigate your property find out more under the information tab located at the top of the page.